Dream Inspired from The Sandman Comics

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Dreams shape the world
    -Neil Gaiman


Photography: Steve DeMent
Makeup: Maddie Manuel
Hair: Elizabeth Persons



I had an amazing time doing all of the research into this series and unraveling what goes on behind those star eyes of Dream.

I had read some Sandman comics many years ago but when I got the opportunity to portray this character I was beyond excited to dive in.
I stayed up many nights reading the comics, Neil's notes and commentary on the series, characters, and iconic covers. I took some dream enhancement drinks and tried to capture what I could remember and somehow harness and draw onto those distant, yet, close memories. I died my hair and removed all my body hair to try and resemble the character, I feel he has such and iconic look I had to go all the way to try and replicate that and do the character justice. This was one of my favorite character shoots thus far, I hope you enjoy the work.